Monday, 30 September 2013

The Future

Have you ever just wondered why you were put on this earth? (apart from the fact you were made, but lets not get into that story) this may seem like a deep thought its just many people say they were put here for a 'reason', i guess we all have that in us. But whats your reason? Im constantly being bombarded with talk of My future; what do you want to be? what courses are you taking at college? are you going to uni? When really i have no clue. I mean i know what im interested in (makeup, fashion, beauty and other non-materialistic things) but not necessarily when it comes to academics. When we grow, most of us have to attend some form of education, but text books dont always give you a clear answer as to how your life will pan out. Im kind of lost when it comes to what courses i want to take (well i want to take A-levels thats my first step, cries) there are a few courses im leaning towards, however, i cant decide whats right for me.
How do i know whats right for me when i dont even know what i want out of college? (apart from a few A-levels in something) 

If you are like me and are kind of lost, i suggest just trying to be positive, work hard in what you do. I want to get the best grades i can so i have a record of them for life (just as anyone these days). I strongly dislike school (apart from the social side) but it is my foundation to this Mystical and Magic 'Future' of mine. I just have to keep pushing through it. The upside are my great hobbies; blogging, shopping (when im not poor), family&friend time and make up. I suggest finding something you love, and doing it in your free time (unless you have homework, just get it out of the way first) its important to have time for yourself. It doesnt have to be expensive, it could be something like a new sport, singing or watching Disney films, its really a personal preference. I also like to go to the gym a few times a week to keep in shape, i love the gym as it really helps release any stress and i can be independent which i really enjoy. 

As much as it can be hard not to worry about your 'Future' its best to be open minded, if you are negative others can instantly detect it and can feed them negative thoughts (fair enough we all have 'one of those days') Just keep looking at all options and dont dismiss any.

                                                  I hope this helped, lots of love em x


  1. I love your blog and posts!
    You seem a really nice girl <3


  2. Thank you so much I will definitely follow your blog!!xxx