Tuesday, 25 February 2014

this makes no sense, i should really stop babbling

Hey guys! so today i thought id do a haul, so recently I bought some new running shoes, oh shit wait, a haul? really em again? ok ok, how about a review! ah yes, got it in the bag, lets talk about, hmm, your new foundation, no, boring, ok ok, lets talk about, oh yes, skin care, everyone is just dying to find out what primer i use to minimise those awfully large pores of mine, oh wait. who cares, genuinely, who even cares

So as you can tell by my awful punctuation and sentence structure, I decided to let out some of the internal monologue from the more anxious part of my brain run down my arms and project onto this screen. I cant help but feel that every time i think about my blog or writing a blog, i'm stuck. Yeah sure i guess i could do a haul or review, like i've previously done, but sometimes they can become draining, as to me, my favourite foundation doesn't always help to take me away, by this i mean, pause reality and let my mind wonder. I tend to do this when reading anything really, a blog or a book, even the local newspaper where puppies are looking for a new home. Something simple like discussing my top ten Mac lipsticks has even made me question the point, yeah sure they are pretty blah blah blah, but aren't there more important things to talk about? Oh, well surely if I like my Mac lipsticks then there shouldn't be an issue, says one part of me, but the other says, em lipsticks aren't even relevant.

What about the 10 hours worth of homework you should have done? wont this affect your life? what if you dont get into college? oh no the world will end, but will it? will this giant piece of rock crumble just because i spent my evening watching skins and not practising how to rationalise a denominator? i dont think so

This is why recently i haven't posted, i love writing, but not necessarily just about beauty and lifestyle all of the time, things are much richer in a deeper sense rather than just money or materialistic things, sometimes we, especially me lose ourselves in that, sometimes we should just take control and not be so harsh on ourselves about things, focus on the present

em x

Monday, 20 January 2014

knock knock

Hey petals, today i thought i would post a room tour, yes a room tour i said it! a bit odd on a blog post i guess, but i wanted to show small aspects of my room in a different way, it was fun to do! em x

knock knock.....

''why is the door stop no where near the door?''

''em, you dont need any more makeup' 
'' I know mum, but it's just my thing''

''thank you so much mum, i am just in love with this perfume''

''oh yeah, i remember that toy car''
''it just reminds me i can be someone who makes me happy, that day was just amazing''

''if i didn't have fairy lights, my room would be in-complete''

''i have to buy this, it is just so pretty''

''my bed the most relaxing place to be''

''your canopy makes your bed look like a princess bed''

''all i want to do is snuggle up in bed and watch films with someone''
''oh, i do that all of the time, with my bunny rabbit of course''

''your grandma and grandpa would be so proud of you em''
''i miss them mum''
''i miss them too''

''capturing an image is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second''

                                                         ''this has got to be my favorite''

                                                                           hope you enjoyed, em x

Monday, 13 January 2014


Hey guys, so recently (by this i mean quite a while) i have been feeling rather glum,  un-motivated to do anything. This happens to everyone at some point and can take form in many different ways. My general coping mechanism is to find little things that make me happy.

If you knew me in person, there wouldn't be a day that passed when i don't have a head phone in my ear. This may seem anti-social, but sometimes it does a great deal of good to shut the world out, for me its a therapeutic thing. I am definitely a music lover, from The XX to Eminem, i love it all. I find listening to music daily helps me relive a lot of stress. It can also help motivate, i always take my headphones to the gym, it keeps me motivated and to some extent, forces me to work harder. It takes me somewhere peaceful, like nothing else i have experienced.

'Surround yourself with others who make you feel happy and positive' a very close friend once told me this. There is no point surrounding yourself with people who inflict negativity onto you, however, it can be tricky to spot the people worth surrounding yourself with- this is just life, you just need to push forward, focus on being someone who makes you happy, rather than being with someone/people who make you happy. Once you have mastered focusing on yourself (friends&family) things should fall into place (or so i keep telling myself)

'There are many ways to express your emotions. Have you tried writing it down?'
I love to write, find any old piece of paper, or even a note book/journal. I could sit and write for hours, this is a very personal thing to do, it is great as it is your own blank canvas to put pen to paper. I always feel a lot more positive after writing, even if i have written down one thought.

I love to fill up my room with pictures or small ornaments that i can see everyday that make me happy, to remind me of moments i enjoyed, shared with people i love or that just lift my mood.

                                                                      thank you for reading. lots of love ems x

Monday, 30 December 2013

Small Christmas Haul

Hey petals, yes im still alive! |Did you miss me? (only kidding)  How was your Christmas? and if you don't celebrate Christmas how was the 25th of December for you? (hahaha comedian i know) Today i thought i would do a small Christmas haul of some of the main bits i was luckily gifted or i bought myself, no im not trying to brag, i just really enjoy reading these posts myself so i thought i would do my own! Here we go...

The first item i received this Christmas was the 'Naked 2 palette' by Urban Decay, i already own the infamous 'Naked' palette and ive always wanted to try the 2nd, im already in love with this palette and i definitely prefer this to the original 'Naked' palette. Both palette's contain 12 shades, which are very versatile and have very high pigmentation. Both palettes come with a brush (super handy)  these palettes are perfect for any makeup lover, or someone who wants to experiment with a new product!

 The next are my most favourite things ever, Yankee Candles! (I have a slight addiction) 
The candles above - 'Christmas Cookie', 'Snowflake Cookie', Christmas Rose' and 'Merry Marshmallow' As you can see i have a small collection of the seasonal Christmas candles, so if any interest you i suggest making a purchase quickly! These candles are just amazing, they burn for a long time and have unique scents which i love! You can find these candles here

The next item is this 'Two Faced' Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, I personally love the packaging of this product, along with the bronzer itself, this is said to be a 'light to medium' bronzer, which i agree with, i think this would be perfect for lighter skin, or if you want to start out with a bronzer as this product is matte and doesnt give off an orange tone when applied. The pigmentation is great and looks very natural (perfect for everyday)  It also has a light pleasant scent to it. 

 The last item i want to talk about is 'Daisy' by Marc Jacobs, this perfume is definitely a cult product i have wanted to try for years. It has such a timeless yet fresh scent in my opinion, this is lovely for the new year. Id definitely check it out if you are on the hunt for a new perfume, and i best not forget the packaging is so cute! 

Hope all is well!
lots of love em x 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Current Foundation: Mac Studio Fix Fluid

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I'm here now. Today I thought I would talk about my current foundation, I normally change up my foundation on a regular basis depending on my desired look, however, I have been loving one of my old favourites. Take a guess?

Did you guess right? The winner goes to 'Mac Studio Fix Fluid' (wow you can tell I haven't posted in a while hah) I first invested in the infamous Studio Fix Fluid, on my birthday a while ago, I'd heard so many great things about this product and I wanted to give it a try, however, I also heard that it has broken a few people out, and with my acne prone skin I have to admit I was rather hesitant to purchase it, but I thought hey-ho, I won't know unless I try.

Retailing for £21.50 I'd personally say this foundation is worth the money. Mac offers an amazing colour range which is perfect for a variety of different skin tones to fit any complexion. Mac claims this product is; 

"A modern foundation that combines a natural matte finish and medium-buildable coverage with SPF 15. Comfortable and long-wearing: lasts for up to eight hours. Applies smoothly, builds coverage quickly and easily. Contains specially treated micronized pigments and soft-focus powders for a super-smooth look that helps minimize the appearance of imperfections. Oil free." 

"A natural matte finish" I'd definitely have to agree with this statement as, when first applied it is very matte, but after half an hour (without powder) this product lets natural oils through. This can be flattering as it gives a nice glowy appareance to the skin, but I normally always use a powder. "Medium-build able coverage" the coverage is definitely my favourite thing about this product as you can sheer the product out and create flawless face depending on how much you apply and how you apply it. 
"Lasts up to eight hours" I would say this product is long wearing, however, that means applying a primer to the skin after moisturiser, (I normally do this anyway, us oil skin gals and guys need primer) I would also recommend applying a powder, to set the skin, and personally I like to use a setting spray to ensure my makeup will stay in place. 
"Oil free" personally i haven't noticed whether this product is oil free or not, but I have found that it helps to absorb any excess oil my skin produces.

The next thing about this product is the packaging, the classic matte black finish. Since the bottle is made of glass the product feels very luxurious, you get 30ml with this product which lasts me a good few months (especially when I don't wear makeup)  I think the packaging is super pretty and looks so cute on my dressing table (cliche I know). If I am being picky, the only downside to the packing is that you have to buy a pump separately, I don't mind too much it's just annoying sometimes (I recently broke mine too) 

Overall, I adore this product, it lasts well, the colour is perfect (I wear nw10, pale I know) I always go back to using it, and if you like a flawless face, or a bit more coverage than usual (even for special occasions) this is one to have in your collection. 

                                                         Thank you for reading, lots of love em x

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Recent Purchases

Hey petals, so today i thought i would write a post about some things i have picked up recently.These are just some bits and bobs i have accumulated over the month. I hope you enjoy! x

The first thing i picked up is this mac lipstick in 'Please Me', im not usually drawn to pinks and nudes, i tend to opt for outgoing bold colours on the lip, However, i was looking for something wearable for everyday use and this is perfect. It is a matte shade which i adore as i find it lasts well on the lips. (make sure you moisturise the lips before application to prevent drying) I think this is a really great pink for lighter skin tones as it is a dusky pink which means it wont give me the 'washed out' appearance. However, it is also very flattering on olive skin tones.

The next item i picked up is this small jar of 'Merry Marshmallow' by Yankee candle, i wanted to pick up a large jar of 'Christmas Cookie' but the shop where i purchase mine are still waiting for them to come in, so i grabbed this for now, but i am in love with it. It smells sweet but its not super sickly, i will definitely be purchasing a large jar of this scent (i really want to eat it as it makes my bedroom smell like a bakery)  Retailing at £7.99-8.99 for a small jar, this may seem a little pricey for a candle, but it is so worth it as they last for ages and the small jars burn for up to 40 hours. 

This next item is by Botanics (boots brand) it is a facial brush, ive always wanted to try one but ive been slightly apprehensive as i have combination and acne prone skin, i didnt want to irritate it. The famous 'Clarisonic' has been said to work wonders, however, it has been said to cause alot of irritation to the skin. So i thought id opt for the basic facial brush rather than spend more money than needed.  I know the bristles look super harsh in the picture, but they are so soft i promise. So far i love this product, i wet my face, wet the brush and then put a small amount of cleanser directly onto the brush, Then using circular motions i scrub away (gentle though) this is said to exfoliate the face so be careful when using it. I have to say my skin feels amazing after using this, it is immediately soft and supple. Retailing at £6 id say it is worth the investment (i also really like the wooden handle and the 'organic' feel to the product) Even if you cant find this exact facial brush, i definitely recommend one!

This next product is just a repurchase of my Heat Defence spray, recently i have been loving to straighten my hair. I always let my hair dry naturally (this massively increases softness for me) then when it is dry, sectioning my hair, and spraying some of this to the section. Brushing through with my tangle teaser and then start to straighten. I really like this Heat Defence spray as it leaves my hair feeling healthy and protects my hair very well. 

This next product is super boring,  but i picked these up as i needed some new ones. I  use micellar water and cotton pads to remove my makeup and i go through normal sized cotton pads like crazy. So i thought i would pick up some extra large ones. My friend Olivia recommended the ''Johnsons' ones, but i couldnt find any so i just went with these. I really like them as they are soft and i only need one pad to remove all of my makeup. (sorry if my hand looks a little odd in the second picture, i wanted to show how large they are)

I hope you enjoyed! thank you for reading! lots of love em x

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Weight of The World

Hey petals, so recently i have been a bit down in the dumps. So i apologise for the lack of blogs (not an excuse i know) Its not the typical teenager 'mood swings' either, i have just been feeling rather glum. i suppose its the 'pressure' of so many things. i have been bottling up alot of emotions rather than letting them out and clearing my head (no, i havent been eating oreos and watching pretty little liars all day to cure my troubles)  Sometimes its hard to respond to someone when they ask 'whats wrong?' as generally for me its not one particular reason but like i said many things  that amount to one big thing (its the little things that count apparently)  i have really been lacking motivation in general and so i thought i would write a post on how to cheer up when you are feeling the weight of the world (hopefully not to cringe worthy, i will have to see as i go along)

Weight of the world (lol dramatic) my first piece of advice is to approach the situation (if possible) and try to figure out why you are feeling 'low' or off colour. i tend to make myself feel worse by thinking 'but other people go through so much more' worrying will only cause more stress. Its important to remember everyone feels low at some point, and no matter how big or small we think the issue, everyone has the right to be upset/angry/confused (etc) we are only human and we can't stop ourselves from feeling emotion.

My second piece of advice is to 'do what you need to do' by this i mean, if you need to talk to people (best bet) to 'let your emotions out' and 'speak your mind' then you should, whether its a family member, friend, carer or stranger (just be careful with the stranger haha) its important to confide in someone you trust and it will help you clear your mind and approach how to move forward. However, if you feel like you are alone and there is noone, i suggest writing a letter, or notes about how you feel (mind mapping even) this may seem a little wacky (arent we all?) but i find this really works, it helps to relieve stress and anger because your feelings will be set out in front of you, making it easy to see what the issue is.

My last piece of advice is to' take care of you' by  this i mean, make sure you spend any time you can doing something you love, this could be anything. Personally,  i like to be around people that make me happy. It is easy to forget what makes you happy when you feel like you are stuck inside a bubble. But when you have time to yourself, it will lift your spirits and give you something positive to focus on.

' Happiness is by choice, not by chance'

                                               Hope this helped, if you need anything you can talk to me                                                                                       at  flowersandfreckless@gmail.com
                                                                                 lots of love em x