Saturday, 8 June 2013

50 random facts

Hey guys, I thought id do a tag today, it seems like a nice way to introduce myself more.
I chose the 50 random facts tag as i thought it would be fun to make and pretty interesting.
I also did this with my blog sister Curls&Comets, so check out her tag, and browse at her blog.

Here we go!

1. I'm obsessed with shopping (i mean obsessed)
2. I was born with bright red hair (i have learned to embrace my red locks!)
3. I always procrastinate
4. I absolutely love Indian food and Chinese food (and pretty much anything processed, Mc Donalds here i come)
5. I have had acne for nearly 5 years
6. My favourite scent is vanilla
7. My favourite perfume is Lady Million by Paco Rabanne / Lover dose by Diesel
8. I drink water like i breath oxygen
9. I have two rabbits, a cat and a tortoise
10. I wear Converse everyday (my all time favorite shoe)
11. I love Lipton ice tea its incredible and amazing and amazing
12. In obsessed with Top shop (especially there frilly socks I nearly own every pair)
13. My middle name is Jane
14. I have green eyes
15. My favourite film is Finding Nemo
16. I love love love vintage
17. I go to the gym (2-3) times a week (i love it)
18. I can never tell if i prefer baths or showers
19. I don't have a specific style (i wear what i want depending on my mood)
20. I want tattoo's
21. I have been bullied in the past
22. I have a growing makeup collection (high end and drugstore)
23. The only jeans i can wear are by Top shop (no surprise there) they are called the 'Joni' Jeans
24. My phone is like my child
25. I love sleeping but rarely have a lay in
26. Most of my wardrobe is monochrome (boring i know)
27. My friend smashed my iPhone by accident after me just owning it a week (yes i cried)
28. I would never ever ever ever ever ever wear dolly shoes
29. I love red lipstick soooooooo much (mac's viva glam 5 in particular)
30. Most foundations i own are always full coverage
31. I can never go to sleep if my room is a mess (slightly ocd)
32. I have two older brothers (they are absolutely amazing)
33. My dream is to be a You tuber
34. When im older i want a room full of bed (yes, loads of mattresses, pillows and blankets)
35. My shoe size is a 7
36. I love living by the sea
37. Singing is all i do (even in my sleep)
38. Im secretly from the Ghetto (shhh, don't tell)
39. Im so jealous of 's style
40. My mum is my inspiration, and my dad is my hero
41. I own too many blushers (most of them are cracked, hey-ho)
42. I always change my bed room around
43. My favourite colour is black (tone, shade; tomato, tomatoe)
44. I make a mean brownie
45. I love meeting new people
46. I always try to put others first (unless its the last bottle of iced tea)
47. I get so stressed if things don't go how they were planned
48. I love travelling
49. I used to live in the London borough (i don't miss a thing)
50. I want to inspire other people to inspire other people to inspire other people

Hope you enjoyed! Thank you so much for reading!
Love Em x