Saturday, 28 September 2013

September Favourites (new products)

Hey petals, so I know it's a little early but I thought I'd do my September favourites, I've never written a favourites before, but there are so many products ive been loving (when isnt there) i also recently picked up a few items and i know they will definitely be my holy grail products. So i hope you enjoy, please leave a comment below with your recommendations or favourites for this month! x

My First favourite of this month, is Mac's Mineralise skin finish in 'light scapade', i keep reaching for this product daily as it is super natural on the skin. I think this is my favourite skin finish that Mac sells as it is a beautiful champagne colour and i wish they would make more.

This next product is a recent purchase of mine, its the Loreal Skin Perfection Purifying Solution. I love this product so much because it feels like water, Its supposedly a dupe for 'Bioderma' and retailing at £3.33 you cant go wrong! Id say its a pretty good dupe, it certainly does the job and leaves your skin feeling super fresh!

I have had this next product for ages, i used to be obsessed with it 'Lover Dose by Diesel' 
It was my signature scent at one point, but since winter is on its way i decided to give it a try, and now i love it again,   it smells of strong liquorish and vanilla when you first spray it but once it settles it has a sweet lingering of vanilla, mandarin with a subtle floral hint (perfect for me) id definitely recommend it 

Next is this eye cream by Estee Lauder called 'Time Zone'. I don't particularly have dark circles, however, my under eye area tends to get very dry, and also quite puffy (lack of sleep i guess), but i do love this product, i would say that an i eye cream is essential in your skin care routine as eyes are so delicate, so if your looking for one to try, this is a nice option as it is very light and creamy so it doesn't weigh your under eyes down.

 My last favourite of the month is this Disney film 'Wreck it Ralph' this is one of my all time favourite films, i love Disney so much! In my opinion you can be any age to love a good Disney film! You better watch it, im not telling you the story line! 

hope you enjoyed! lots of love em x

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