Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Flowers and Freckles?

Hey guys! I thought i would do a blog post about why my blog is called 'Flowers and Freckless'. It may seem pretty obvious, but i have had a few questions asking about it. (i will try to make this as 'un-boring' as possible.) Hope you enjoy and thank you for reading!


Flowers may seem like a typical symbol of beauty, however i thought i would incorporate the word into my name because personally for me they represent so much more (excuse the cliche).
Each flower grows at its own pace, just like people, which shows that you shouldn't compare your start to someone elses middle as everyone as their own journey. It also reminds me that everyone is different. Flowers all look different and have different shapes, sizes and colours. Life for me is all about expression (through makeup and fashion) flowers can be bright and lively, or some simplistic and delicate. 
 So, if they are perceived as beautiful, then we all should value ourselves and recognize beauty in ourselves.  Lastly, (its nearly over i feel your pain) flowers have different parts, i interpret this as though each part of the flower is symbolic of stages in someones journey. 


'Freckles are clusters of concentrated melanin which are most often visible on people with a fair complexion.'

 I decided to incorporate the word 'freckles' into my name because ever since i was younger, i have always had a few freckles on my nose, i know this is quite common with most people (sorry guys not too original) but, it reminded me of who i was then, compared to now. Even though i have changed physically and emotionally, i will still have my childhood in me, just like everyone right? For me it reminds me to remember who i am and where i come from, and how im still changing to find myself. (cliche once again but its true)

Now a quick response (please leave your answer in the comments)

1. What is you favourite daring beauty item or fashion item?
2. What is your favourite childhood memory? 

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Look forward to the weekend! Thank you for reading!
Em x

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