Monday, 23 September 2013

Chit Chat

Hey! So today I'm in the mood for a chit chat kind of blog, to update my petals on what I've been up to recently and my current interests I hope you enjoy! X

So last week I saw Insidious 2, it was great! If you don't know what I'm on about its a horror film, it's not too scary (I did cover my face a few times) but the original film is quite popular, if you haven't ever watched a horror film before Insidious is a good one to  start out with,. The plot of insidious 2 (without giving too much away) completely surprised me! I wasn't expecting It at all!  I definitely  recommend  watching it!

I have also recently been to a few parties (I'm kinda boring so it's not a regular thing for me) just kidding, but I am a great lover of movie nights, pyjamas and food. However, It's been great socialising with people out of my regular circle (by this I mean people I know but don't often talk to)
Even if you aren't very confident with speaking to  people you usually don't  or just haven't considered it , try it!  I have made a few new friendships and had such a laugh (excuse the crappy picture)

On Saturday I Went to Brighton with my Blog sis,Olivia  I have to admit we did take a trip to Mackeroo, but I was well restrained and didn't spend too much (I promise)  we also went  to boots  and  picked up a few other beauty bits!  I love my drugstore and highend, i couldnt live without them (woah just kidding) I will probably do a haul of my beauty items, maybe in a September favourites so if you like those kind of blogs keep an eye out or comment below!

Well I hope you enjoyed! I hope  you are all looking forward to winter as much as I am! Lots of love em x

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