Sunday, 8 September 2013

Lessons i have learnt

Whilst listening to The XX (click here for a listen) its hard not to think about past experiences and whats still to come in life, so i thought i would write about lessons i have learnt from experience to help guide me into the future, of course we are still learning every day but maybe this could be helpful, hope you enjoy x

Comparing: of course it is a natural instinct to compare yourself to others, as i have already mentioned in a previous post , it is important to recognize that everyone has a different journey and some started their journey before others, embrace the little things and work your way up

Body Image: this can be a very sensitive subject for most people, however, after watching a video on body image recently, i learnt that we shouldn't be defined by a 'size' we should dress for our shape, everyone has a different shape and we shouldn't be ashamed of it, of course everyone has days where they hate their thighs however, you should dress for the way something looks, for the fit you desire not because you feel the need to be a certain 'size'

Self worth: its only recently i have started to recognize its important to value yourself, by this i mean dont feel you are 'below' anyone, everyone is equal, i used to let anyone walk over me as i felt intimidated by others, i would focus on only what other people wanted me to do rather than do what i wanted, one day i just sat and thought 'by feeling below others, am i happy?' so i started to become more confident with what i wanted to do and now i focus on what makes me happy

Hope this helped, lots of love em x


  1. love the post because every women always have issues with there body image no matter what shape or size

    1. Thank you girl! I totally agree! And I followed you! Your blog is great!