Tuesday, 25 February 2014

this makes no sense, i should really stop babbling

Hey guys! so today i thought id do a haul, so recently I bought some new running shoes, oh shit wait, a haul? really em again? ok ok, how about a review! ah yes, got it in the bag, lets talk about, hmm, your new foundation, no, boring, ok ok, lets talk about, oh yes, skin care, everyone is just dying to find out what primer i use to minimise those awfully large pores of mine, oh wait. who cares, genuinely, who even cares

So as you can tell by my awful punctuation and sentence structure, I decided to let out some of the internal monologue from the more anxious part of my brain run down my arms and project onto this screen. I cant help but feel that every time i think about my blog or writing a blog, i'm stuck. Yeah sure i guess i could do a haul or review, like i've previously done, but sometimes they can become draining, as to me, my favourite foundation doesn't always help to take me away, by this i mean, pause reality and let my mind wonder. I tend to do this when reading anything really, a blog or a book, even the local newspaper where puppies are looking for a new home. Something simple like discussing my top ten Mac lipsticks has even made me question the point, yeah sure they are pretty blah blah blah, but aren't there more important things to talk about? Oh, well surely if I like my Mac lipsticks then there shouldn't be an issue, says one part of me, but the other says, em lipsticks aren't even relevant.

What about the 10 hours worth of homework you should have done? wont this affect your life? what if you dont get into college? oh no the world will end, but will it? will this giant piece of rock crumble just because i spent my evening watching skins and not practising how to rationalise a denominator? i dont think so

This is why recently i haven't posted, i love writing, but not necessarily just about beauty and lifestyle all of the time, things are much richer in a deeper sense rather than just money or materialistic things, sometimes we, especially me lose ourselves in that, sometimes we should just take control and not be so harsh on ourselves about things, focus on the present

em x

Monday, 20 January 2014

knock knock

Hey petals, today i thought i would post a room tour, yes a room tour i said it! a bit odd on a blog post i guess, but i wanted to show small aspects of my room in a different way, it was fun to do! em x

knock knock.....

''why is the door stop no where near the door?''

''em, you dont need any more makeup' 
'' I know mum, but it's just my thing''

''thank you so much mum, i am just in love with this perfume''

''oh yeah, i remember that toy car''
''it just reminds me i can be someone who makes me happy, that day was just amazing''

''if i didn't have fairy lights, my room would be in-complete''

''i have to buy this, it is just so pretty''

''my bed the most relaxing place to be''

''your canopy makes your bed look like a princess bed''

''all i want to do is snuggle up in bed and watch films with someone''
''oh, i do that all of the time, with my bunny rabbit of course''

''your grandma and grandpa would be so proud of you em''
''i miss them mum''
''i miss them too''

''capturing an image is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second''

                                                         ''this has got to be my favorite''

                                                                           hope you enjoyed, em x

Monday, 13 January 2014


Hey guys, so recently (by this i mean quite a while) i have been feeling rather glum,  un-motivated to do anything. This happens to everyone at some point and can take form in many different ways. My general coping mechanism is to find little things that make me happy.

If you knew me in person, there wouldn't be a day that passed when i don't have a head phone in my ear. This may seem anti-social, but sometimes it does a great deal of good to shut the world out, for me its a therapeutic thing. I am definitely a music lover, from The XX to Eminem, i love it all. I find listening to music daily helps me relive a lot of stress. It can also help motivate, i always take my headphones to the gym, it keeps me motivated and to some extent, forces me to work harder. It takes me somewhere peaceful, like nothing else i have experienced.

'Surround yourself with others who make you feel happy and positive' a very close friend once told me this. There is no point surrounding yourself with people who inflict negativity onto you, however, it can be tricky to spot the people worth surrounding yourself with- this is just life, you just need to push forward, focus on being someone who makes you happy, rather than being with someone/people who make you happy. Once you have mastered focusing on yourself (friends&family) things should fall into place (or so i keep telling myself)

'There are many ways to express your emotions. Have you tried writing it down?'
I love to write, find any old piece of paper, or even a note book/journal. I could sit and write for hours, this is a very personal thing to do, it is great as it is your own blank canvas to put pen to paper. I always feel a lot more positive after writing, even if i have written down one thought.

I love to fill up my room with pictures or small ornaments that i can see everyday that make me happy, to remind me of moments i enjoyed, shared with people i love or that just lift my mood.

                                                                      thank you for reading. lots of love ems x