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Hey Petals, i thought i should write an 'About Me' page so you can have more insight into my life other than what i post about. i thought this would help make my blog a bit more personal (other than learning that i love mac lipsticks) here we go

- I am 15 years old, and as you might be able to tell i already love makeup and fashion, however, im only young and what i post about is purely just my own opinion, im not a makeup artist (obviously)  i just like testing products (makeup, skincare and haircare) as i have always been insecure with my acne-prone skin and so i like to see what works for me and what doesnt, i dont feel as if i want to hide my skin anymore, but just enhance my features.

- I am heading into my last year of school (year 11, good or bad?) i suppose its a good thing as currently i dont enjoy school, however, finishing school also means taking gcse's, i recently took some early (unit one of biology, chemistry and physics) sitting the exams weren't too bad and i was pretty happy with my results (especially as i took it a year early) Currently, i am taking Art, which i love in a weird way this helps me alot when i try to do makeup looks, i also take Spanish, i really dont enjoy this (boring) but apparently i have the best accent in the class? The next subject is History, i enjoy this subject as i find it super interesting! 

- So now for some random facts, My favourite drugstore makeup brand would have to be rimmel for lipsticks, revlon for foundation, bourjois for blusher, maybelline and loreal for eye products and sleek for palettes. My favourite highend makeup brand would be nars and benefit for blushers/bronzers, estee lauder for foundation, urban decay for eye products and mac for everything.

-I have green/blue eyes, Ginger hair (wavy/curly), Oily to Dry skin, i wear a size 7 shoe,i prefer coffee to tea, my favorite drink is Iced Tea, I love bold lipstick, Chicken is the greatest thing ever, i love baggy tops and blouses, topshop sell the best jeans, i live in converse and socks 

Thank you for reading, lots of love em x

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