Saturday, 26 October 2013

Weight of The World

Hey petals, so recently i have been a bit down in the dumps. So i apologise for the lack of blogs (not an excuse i know) Its not the typical teenager 'mood swings' either, i have just been feeling rather glum. i suppose its the 'pressure' of so many things. i have been bottling up alot of emotions rather than letting them out and clearing my head (no, i havent been eating oreos and watching pretty little liars all day to cure my troubles)  Sometimes its hard to respond to someone when they ask 'whats wrong?' as generally for me its not one particular reason but like i said many things  that amount to one big thing (its the little things that count apparently)  i have really been lacking motivation in general and so i thought i would write a post on how to cheer up when you are feeling the weight of the world (hopefully not to cringe worthy, i will have to see as i go along)

Weight of the world (lol dramatic) my first piece of advice is to approach the situation (if possible) and try to figure out why you are feeling 'low' or off colour. i tend to make myself feel worse by thinking 'but other people go through so much more' worrying will only cause more stress. Its important to remember everyone feels low at some point, and no matter how big or small we think the issue, everyone has the right to be upset/angry/confused (etc) we are only human and we can't stop ourselves from feeling emotion.

My second piece of advice is to 'do what you need to do' by this i mean, if you need to talk to people (best bet) to 'let your emotions out' and 'speak your mind' then you should, whether its a family member, friend, carer or stranger (just be careful with the stranger haha) its important to confide in someone you trust and it will help you clear your mind and approach how to move forward. However, if you feel like you are alone and there is noone, i suggest writing a letter, or notes about how you feel (mind mapping even) this may seem a little wacky (arent we all?) but i find this really works, it helps to relieve stress and anger because your feelings will be set out in front of you, making it easy to see what the issue is.

My last piece of advice is to' take care of you' by  this i mean, make sure you spend any time you can doing something you love, this could be anything. Personally,  i like to be around people that make me happy. It is easy to forget what makes you happy when you feel like you are stuck inside a bubble. But when you have time to yourself, it will lift your spirits and give you something positive to focus on.

' Happiness is by choice, not by chance'

                                               Hope this helped, if you need anything you can talk to me                                                                                       at
                                                                                 lots of love em x