Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Recent Purchases

Hey petals, so today i thought i would write a post about some things i have picked up recently.These are just some bits and bobs i have accumulated over the month. I hope you enjoy! x

The first thing i picked up is this mac lipstick in 'Please Me', im not usually drawn to pinks and nudes, i tend to opt for outgoing bold colours on the lip, However, i was looking for something wearable for everyday use and this is perfect. It is a matte shade which i adore as i find it lasts well on the lips. (make sure you moisturise the lips before application to prevent drying) I think this is a really great pink for lighter skin tones as it is a dusky pink which means it wont give me the 'washed out' appearance. However, it is also very flattering on olive skin tones.

The next item i picked up is this small jar of 'Merry Marshmallow' by Yankee candle, i wanted to pick up a large jar of 'Christmas Cookie' but the shop where i purchase mine are still waiting for them to come in, so i grabbed this for now, but i am in love with it. It smells sweet but its not super sickly, i will definitely be purchasing a large jar of this scent (i really want to eat it as it makes my bedroom smell like a bakery)  Retailing at £7.99-8.99 for a small jar, this may seem a little pricey for a candle, but it is so worth it as they last for ages and the small jars burn for up to 40 hours. 

This next item is by Botanics (boots brand) it is a facial brush, ive always wanted to try one but ive been slightly apprehensive as i have combination and acne prone skin, i didnt want to irritate it. The famous 'Clarisonic' has been said to work wonders, however, it has been said to cause alot of irritation to the skin. So i thought id opt for the basic facial brush rather than spend more money than needed.  I know the bristles look super harsh in the picture, but they are so soft i promise. So far i love this product, i wet my face, wet the brush and then put a small amount of cleanser directly onto the brush, Then using circular motions i scrub away (gentle though) this is said to exfoliate the face so be careful when using it. I have to say my skin feels amazing after using this, it is immediately soft and supple. Retailing at £6 id say it is worth the investment (i also really like the wooden handle and the 'organic' feel to the product) Even if you cant find this exact facial brush, i definitely recommend one!

This next product is just a repurchase of my Heat Defence spray, recently i have been loving to straighten my hair. I always let my hair dry naturally (this massively increases softness for me) then when it is dry, sectioning my hair, and spraying some of this to the section. Brushing through with my tangle teaser and then start to straighten. I really like this Heat Defence spray as it leaves my hair feeling healthy and protects my hair very well. 

This next product is super boring,  but i picked these up as i needed some new ones. I  use micellar water and cotton pads to remove my makeup and i go through normal sized cotton pads like crazy. So i thought i would pick up some extra large ones. My friend Olivia recommended the ''Johnsons' ones, but i couldnt find any so i just went with these. I really like them as they are soft and i only need one pad to remove all of my makeup. (sorry if my hand looks a little odd in the second picture, i wanted to show how large they are)

I hope you enjoyed! thank you for reading! lots of love em x


  1. I always find Mac lipsticks dry my lips out but thats a pretty shade! i had no idea yankee candles did a marshmallow scented candle oh my god, i shall have to hunt this down!
    I love your blog sweetie,


  2. I picked up the snowflakes cookie candle today:) and I'm glad you bought the extra large cotton wool pads they are so much better:)


  3. Jennifer hey girl! i have followed you, aw thank you so much! but yes mac lipsticks do tend to dry my lips, try exfoliating your lips, lush do some great lip exfoliators! and then using a lip balm before applying! and you need that candle!xxx

  4. Just the little place in town that does Yankee candles in the back, I only got the tart version but it smells amazing you would love it:)x

  5. yeah i know, thats what i originally went in there to buy x

  6. That lipstick looks like such a nice natural color.

    Laila | Townhouse Palette

  7. Really like the MAC lipstick and Yankee Candle, lovely colour lipstick. I really love your blog, I think it's great! x