Saturday, 12 October 2013

Autumn Essentials

Hey petals, Autumn is here,my favourite season of the year (no rhyming intended)  Today i thought i would write a post on my 'Autumn Essentials'. I hope you enjoy x

My first Autumn Essential are dark lipsticks, i have chosen two the first being my new favourite;

 Mac's 'Cyber' this is a dark purple, almost looks black  (i promise its not) this colour looks amazing on dark skin and lighter skin, it is also sheer to build able coverage and has a satin finish which helps reduce the lips looking dry.  
The next is Rimmel's '107' from the Kate Moss Collection, this is a berry red colour, this suits a variety of skin tones (i think anyone can pull this off) it also looks great with a dark lip liner to create a gradient effect giving the lips more depth. One great thing about the Kate Moss line is the formula, '107' is a matte shade, however, its creamy and feels like velvet rather than drying the lips. Id say the coverage is similar to 'Cyber', as it is build able.

My Second Autumn Essential are candles: Any type really, but i recommend the well loved 'Yankee' Candles, i only own one at the moment which is called 'Vanilla Cupcake' the name says it all really, i have had plenty of other Yankee Candles before, however, Vanilla is my favourite scent so would explain as to why this is my favourite. 'Vanilla Cupcake' smells so fantastic as it doesn't smell artificial at all, and is just so sweet and yummy. When i have it burning the whole house smells like a bakery (i love it). The price is a little high for a candle, but it is so worth it as they last ages!

My third Autumn Essential is a good powder: Normally i hate powders, however, as it is getting colder i have been obsessed with my Mac 'Studio Fix Powder' this is a powder foundation which would explain the amazing coverage. The reason i love this powder so much is due to its high coverage, yet it still allows my natural oils to come through. This is perfect for Autumn/Winter as it helps my skin to look flawless, yet also 'breathe', as it gets colder i tend to prefer a more heavy coverage foundation/powder and this is perfect for that. It retails for £21.50, which may seem a bit pricey but for someone who desires a good coverage, it is worth the money.

My fourth Autumn Essential are woolly jumpers: (these should be everyone's essentials) i absolutely love woolly jumpers for Autumn/Winter as they are such a classic and can be styled in so many ways. Mine is from Topshop, i picked this one up and wore it to death last year, but i have re-discovered it and my love for this jumper is flourishing once again. You can pretty much find woolly jumpers anywhere, i definitely recommend them to anyone!

My fifth Autumn Essential is lip balm: I wear lip balm everyday all year round, however, my favourite is this 'Nivea Essential Care' one, this is from the drugstore and costs just over a pound. I adore this as it moisturises my lips so well, its light and not scented. i also find it is a great base for lipstick.

                                     Thank you for reading, lots of love em x


  1. I may have to do one of these posts!:)x

  2. Love vanilla scents and Yankee Candles, may have to make a cheeky purchase of this! And the jumper is gorgeous, I so wish it was out this year <3 <3

    Emma xo

  3. aww they are the best! aw im sure ebay or amazon will sell it! <3 <3 xox

  4. I have tagged you in the 'I have never but would like to tag' if your interested:)

  5. I love the sweater and the MAC lipstick ! following your blog here . Love if you follow mine :)

  6. I love the shade of the Kate Moss lipstick, it's such a beautiful red! x