Monday, 30 December 2013

Small Christmas Haul

Hey petals, yes im still alive! |Did you miss me? (only kidding)  How was your Christmas? and if you don't celebrate Christmas how was the 25th of December for you? (hahaha comedian i know) Today i thought i would do a small Christmas haul of some of the main bits i was luckily gifted or i bought myself, no im not trying to brag, i just really enjoy reading these posts myself so i thought i would do my own! Here we go...

The first item i received this Christmas was the 'Naked 2 palette' by Urban Decay, i already own the infamous 'Naked' palette and ive always wanted to try the 2nd, im already in love with this palette and i definitely prefer this to the original 'Naked' palette. Both palette's contain 12 shades, which are very versatile and have very high pigmentation. Both palettes come with a brush (super handy)  these palettes are perfect for any makeup lover, or someone who wants to experiment with a new product!

 The next are my most favourite things ever, Yankee Candles! (I have a slight addiction) 
The candles above - 'Christmas Cookie', 'Snowflake Cookie', Christmas Rose' and 'Merry Marshmallow' As you can see i have a small collection of the seasonal Christmas candles, so if any interest you i suggest making a purchase quickly! These candles are just amazing, they burn for a long time and have unique scents which i love! You can find these candles here

The next item is this 'Two Faced' Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, I personally love the packaging of this product, along with the bronzer itself, this is said to be a 'light to medium' bronzer, which i agree with, i think this would be perfect for lighter skin, or if you want to start out with a bronzer as this product is matte and doesnt give off an orange tone when applied. The pigmentation is great and looks very natural (perfect for everyday)  It also has a light pleasant scent to it. 

 The last item i want to talk about is 'Daisy' by Marc Jacobs, this perfume is definitely a cult product i have wanted to try for years. It has such a timeless yet fresh scent in my opinion, this is lovely for the new year. Id definitely check it out if you are on the hunt for a new perfume, and i best not forget the packaging is so cute! 

Hope all is well!
lots of love em x 


  1. Beautiful purchases!

  2. Some lovely gifts you got, jealous about the daisy perfume :p I tagged you in the Get To Know Me tag by the way :) hope you do it! xx