Thursday, 15 August 2013

Hey there! Today i thought i would share a little part of my week. (nothing to exciting) I went out to Brighton on Sunday with my lovely boyfriend  (i love Brighton a little too much) i bought a few bits and thought id share..

Firstly, me and the boyfriend popped into Costa and picked up a Tropical Fruit cooler, we both got a large costing £3.45 (supposed to taste of pineapple, coconut and lime) this is my favourite drink, its super refreshing (makes me feel like a hula dancer)

After the Costa, i had to take a trip to the Disney Store (im a sucker for anything fluffy)
As soon as i saw this little monster i grabbed him immediately. If you like Monsters Inc (or anything cute)
i recommend buying this 'Sully' pillow pet, costing £20 this may seem like a crazy amount of money to spend on a pillow..however, in my opinion it is totally worth it! He doubles as a soft toy and a place to rest your head when your in need of sleep (i love sleeping), he is also great for comforting (Sully will be your friend forever, yay)

After walking around all day...

We then went to Krispy Kreme and bought something naughty...(and original glazed doughnut) costing £1.35, so precious! If you happen to see a Krispy Kreme store, it should be a requirement to buy a doughnut! It was so yummy (and calorie packed, but worth it)

Thank you for reading, lots of love Em!x


  1. I love Costa! I prefer a coffee cooler though! x