Saturday, 31 August 2013

Being Optimistic

Greetings, so summer is ending and it's nearly time for me to be back at school and as the days pass on so do the seasons, in autum/winter I love fashion and make up even more (who would of thought) but I tend to lack optimism in general, maybe im just lazy or it could be the cold weather and school work (especially this year, more gcses's here I come) so today I thought I would just write a post on some ways to help stay optimistic and positive (even when it rains on the day you wanted to wear sandals)

Tip number one
Count up all of the little happy things that happen to you throughout the day, in my case (I had a bottle of iced tea,  I went for a walk and laughed so much i almost wet myself) the little things count the most as they add up to a large amount of positivity, try not to see your glass half-empty and see it as half full, it may sound easier than it is but if you are in a situation where you start to feel negative, try to take a brighter outlook on what's happening (try to have the mindset that some others have it worse than you) remember the positive aspects

Tip number two
Aim to eat right, by this I meal eat breakfast, lunch and dinner , I must admit we are only human and sometimes we under eat or over eat, personally I like to eat three meals a day and try to not snack inbetween, what you eat is completely up to you, i reccomend eating a good variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates within your diet (not for every meal, unless you want to) as you all know your body and brain need energy to be healthy, eating veggies can help make you feel more alive (if I don't eat three meals a day I am a grumpy girl, eating can instantly energise you)

Tip number three
Try to be compassionate, whether its to a friend, family member or a member of the public, just try it
Its all about being kind to others or even someone in need (for example a homeless person) as cheesy as this sounds, I find watching someone else be happy, or being kind (walking an elderly person across the road or grabbing an iced tea for someone on the top shelf)  can make me feel happy even if I'm not the one helping, so next time you see someone in need or maybe just your friend always show compassion (you may have those days where you hate anything and everything, but there's no harm in trying)

Tip number four
Smile, whether you are feeling happy or not, just smile. Whenever I do my mood intstantly feels lifted, so smile all of the time, whenever you get the opportunity (show those pearly whites)  smiling is a cycle, smiling reinforces happiness,and happiness causes smiling.

Thank you so much for reading, just remember these are my ways to feel more optimistic, let me know your thoughts! I hoped they helped, lots of love em x

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